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We welcome EVERYONE to our classes, you just need to want to improve your health and fitness. The Port Kennedy Pilates studio has a strong focus on building a supportive community.

Health benefits of
reformer pilates

√ Improve core strength
√ Increase flexibility
√ Increase cardiovascular fitness
√ Investment in your mind and body


Nikki Baluk

Nikki Baluk



I’m here to help you love being at your classes and really love and understand your body and it’s capabilities.

My first experience of group exercises classes was when I was 12 years old and my mum took me along to Aerobics, I was hooked with the group fitness idea and doing something fun with mum that was also so good for me too.

I encourage mums and their kids to give exercising together a try, it’s the best message and the best time you can have.

I never really considered a career in teaching until my boss said “why not”, I have a background in Health and Wellbeing and since then I have loved helping other people fall in love with movement and what it can help them achieve.

I qualified with a cert. 4 in Mat and Reformer Pilates almost 4 years ago and have not stopped sharing how Pilates can strengthen and transform your body.

Come and try and see what I’m talking about.

Elisa Saunders

Elisa Saunders


I’m a Pilates lover who has been in the fitness industry for 16 years, having completed my bachelor degree in Exercise & Sport science back in 2008. I have always been passionate about mind, body & wellness and I also hold diploma of remedial massage which gives the opportunity to work hands on when it comes to bring the best results for the body.

I’m a wife and a mother of a wonderful girl. When I’m not teaching you will find me at home with my beagles and my beautiful family.

I cannot start my day without a coffee… it just makes me 100 times nicer! What I love about Pilates is the way it makes me feel after class. There is no other exercise that makes me feel challenged but also stretched at the same time.

During my classes I like to push my clients and make sure they are getting the most out of the class. I also love everything about technique and quality of movement. I’m always making sure my clients have the correct form since each movement in Pilates is so targeted and precise; one small adjustment makes a lot of a difference.

Everyone should feel accomplished after one of my classes!

Caryss Welch

Caryss Welch


I love being in the studio to help you achieve your goals; strength, fitness, flexibility, improved posture! My approach is very supportive and encouraging, I aim to provide a welcoming and warm environment so you feel confident to give everything a try.

I am also a very busy mum of two beautiful girls so I understand how important it is to turn your precious free time into something useful and rewarding and you will find that my focus is your results! Talk to me to see how to get what you want from my classes.

Kim Kingdon

Kim Kingdon


I started my career as a professional dancer working in Europe.

Then I went onto Group Fitness Instructing, teaching a wide variety of classes but then found my love for Pilates.

I have been teaching Mat Pilates for 22 years and love how it makes me feel and how others benefit from increased flexibility, strength, balance and confidence!

As a qualified Reformer Pilates instructor I am very excited to bring my love and passion to the studio!



If you are just starting your Pilates journey you are welcomed to this steady, controlled Reformer Pilates class, concentrating on building core strength, balance, coordination, body control whilst mastering the Pilates repertoire.


This class is suitable for all levels but recommended for those who are familiar with the Reformer equipment or used to exercise. It concentrates on flexibility and improved core strength and overall fitness and having some fun in the process putting our twist on the original Joseph Pilates moves.


Staying strong and keeping a healthy heart AND BONES is what helps to keep us moving well into old age, what is old age when you are strong and fit! JUST A NUMBER. This class can be modified depending on your level, choice of weight and pace while being guided through traditional pilates moves with a twist. Fun, energetic and ALL about keeping or getting as strong as you can be!

Mind + Body

SUITABLE FOR ALL ABILITIES. Mind & Body classes are designed and programmed to give you the ultimate stretch and strengthen whilst moving slowly and in a controlled way. Using many of the traditional Joseph Pilates repertoire and adding complementing additions to enhance your experience of a class that can help you unwind and refresh.


Intermediate and Advanced levels. Classical Pilates moves with strength and cardio exercises to maximise the impact on your overall health; heart, bones and wellbeing! This is a steady paced class using various equipment to compliment the Reformer, give it a go if you are used to exercise.


Intermediate and Advanced levels. Fast paced, cardio and strength class using classic Pilates moves, free weights, gym equipment and Pilates accessories. This is a fun class to build your potential and challenge yourself!


This half our of finding inner calm and restoring the mind and body connection will have you feeling centred and grounded again and help to find clarity and peace, de-stress and regain control of your emotions and well-being.


Membership Options

4 Classes over 4 Weeks

4 classes to use in 4 weeks – $110

8 Classes over 4 Weeks

8 classes to use in 4 weeks – $190

12 Classes over 4 Weeks

12 classes to use in 4 weeks – $265

unlimited Classes over 4 Weeks

4 weeks of unlimited classes – $325

Class Packs

4, 8 or 12 classes per month

4 classes over 4 weeks – $116
8 classes over 4 weeks – $196
12 classes over 4 weeks – $280

unlimited classes

Unlimited classes over 4 weeks – $325

10 pack of classes

10 classes over 8 weeks – $250


casual class

Join a casual class – $30


Free Induction!
Goal setting and a short 1-1 or 2-1 class (Bring a Buddy!)

New Client Offer
5 classes for $50 (4 weeks expiry)

Refer a Friend
If you are an existing client and your friend joins we will give you $30 off your next membership!

Bring a Buddy
Bring along your friend for the month (subject to bed availability), Just call us with their details so we can book them on to a bed

Get in touch

E info@hfchiropractic.com.au
P 08 9520 2890
Unit 3, 7-9 Fielden Way, Port Kennedy WA 6172


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